We are largest digital content publisher of Pakistan
with 100 million monthly active users

At OZI Technology Group, we believe internet and smartphones can control and operate various spheres of technological world and can penetrate into our daily life than anyone can ever imagine. Our goal is to capture the largest possible share of smartphone through our products ranging from Mobile Apps to Mobile Games, Digital Content to Coupons, Video Production to Online Services, VR content to Social Apps, M-Commerce to M-Wallets and IOT Devices to NFC Payments.

We believe that execution is the key to shine so we do not only innovate new products through our R&D cell but also focus to capture the market through established business models and proven ideas in different markets and regions. We enable entrepreneurs to build digital internet companies and provide operational support and help them scale.

Mission and Core Values

OZI Technology Group envisions to diversify its business operations in many related technologies such as Mobile Payment, Online Shopping, IOT, mHealth, and Social Games. We are in-depth competence, experience and resources to conduct R&D, product development and effective operations.

We Empower Entrepreneurs

To achieve our mission and vision of empowering people through technology, we work on assured internet created methodologies and mark it effective and accomplish it by assembling serial entrepreneurs to work on the same successful ground. In this model, we have made sustainable parameters that can leverage us to make large scale ecosystem.


An Entrepreneur must have high rank knowledge regarding business related issues. It will increase their business prospective eventually.


An Entrepreneur must have an ability to generate new ideas, evaluate them effectively, and take action to turn them into new products & services.


An entrepreneur must have unique skill to run his business. He must know all perspective of successful business operations & must possess entrepreneurial talent.

We work together with our clients to build compelling mobile apps that provide lasting excitement and value to their customers. We as OZI Technology Group develop various system of products that satisfy different needs, ensuring useful and meaningful experiences for every minute spent in online space. Our understanding of mobile and web based technology empowers us to bring a level of expertise to your company like no one else.


Whether your project is a simple one-day studio shoot or a complex international production, we collaborate with you throughout the process to ensure an enjoyable experience—and dynamic final product—that everyone will be proud of.

Mobile Applications

We love taking ideas and turning them into real apps. We are passionate, creative, and have experience developing products. We develop Mobile Applications in native and unity for almost all major mobile platforms.

Discount Deals

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Video Content

OZI Technology Group offers content development services for television networks, digital media channels, and social network platforms for all across the world. Our goal is for your content not only to be viewed, but also shared across the web.


Content can attract & influence the right people. Consistent language, relevant topics & the way you address your visitors are all components of successful content development. Our content writing service is the perfect mix of your digital strategy.


With in-house experts in ecommerce, web design, marketing, and managed technology services, we provide a unique opportunity to streamline your development, design, marketing, and site maintenance efforts.

The Largest Digital Content Publisher of Pakistan with 100 million monthly active users

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Join the League and make your own Fortune

The Game Storm Studios Ltd.

Pakistan’s top games development company with focus to USA market. Over 200+ employees in Lahore & Karachi office. Gaming brand with massive growth in first three years as startup. Jumping into next round of investment and growth.

Appricot Studio

A Group of passionate members who really care about creating quality art for the modern gamer. Leaders & trend setters in kids gaming and other great hits. Enjoy the fun in complete world of Mobile Platforms.

ConsoliAds Pvt Ltd.

Pakistan’s 1st Ad Mediation and Cross Promotion Platform. The latest mobile Acquisition, Retention and Monetization network for mobile games publishers with meaningful seamless ads management of banner, interstitial and video ads.

TelloTalk Inc.

Pakistan’s first instant chat messenger… TelloTalk is an instant messenger that brings endless possibilities to express yourself with your friends, family & loved ones that you’ve never thought possible.An instant messaging application that empowers you to send & receive Text Messages, Voice Push to Talk (Walkie-Talkie), Share Images, videos & other files and much more for free.

Appatrix Pvt. Ltd.

Appatrix (Pvt) Ltd, working on Training and Development of resources in Mobile Apps & Games with an initiative of Academia Industry linkage. Already started training students of Lahore Garrison University (LGU) as a semester course

Aril Labs

An ambitious entrepreneur, passionate about creating new projects and designs that can put world to a new horizon. A mobile application consultant, leading different businesses to an intellectual and productive edge. With the use of all the latest mobile technology, apart from all the other incentives, aiming high for the better and literate society. Office in Karachi with 50+ employees. Focused on emerging Pakistani eCommerce market.

Mas 3D Studio

Mas 3D Studios develops Professional 3D games for Android. They have creative team who is continuously working on making best 3D games.

3 Minutes Craft

Art is the desire of humans to express themselves, to record the reactions of their personalities to the world they lives in. This channel is full of creativity, fun, culture, handmade objects, art and crafts, beauty tips, makeup art, nail art, hairstyle tutorials and much more. The purpose of this channel is to entertain and teach our subscribers and viewers for what they are always looking for. We care that`s why we are here.

Raydiex 3D Games Master

Raydiex is a gaming studio founded by two passionate and assiduous entrepreneurs, coming together to formulate one remarkable gaming empire. The organization, was though not founded long ago but, has earned enviable reputation for the development of its ground-breaking multi-platform gaming applications.

TechVing Ltd.

TechVing develops Professional 3D games for Android and Apple. They have creative and passionate team who is continuously for the gamers working on making best 3D games .


Being one of the most leading online shopping stores, Couponscop.com is entertaining you with thousands of renowned and most-wanted brands with its discounted coupons and promo codes to help you shop smart and save smart.

JoziGo - Go Green

JoziGo – Go Green, is the wireless charging solution “Brand of Join Technology Ltd”, providing premium products in the field of Wireless charging compatible with QI standard. We are committed to deliver latest quality Green products that can change how people communicate with their devices by empowering power on the GO!

Looking for your next big adventure?

At OZI Technology Group, we believe entrepreneurs have the power to shape the online world. Boost your career, and join in fueling the success of our companies.


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