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If you are a graduate looking for on-the-job training of Game Development in a fast-moving business, the OZI Technology platform is what you are looking for. When you join us, you will be working on live projects and gaining experience at one of most competitive and largest digital content publisher of Pakistan.

For Professionals

We know that ultimately, it is our people who will make the big difference. If you are interested in becoming part of a leading-edge company, driving your own career and working with outstanding people to deliver sustainable business growth with us, then you have come to the right place.

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At OZI Technology Group, we believe in investing in the future. That’s why have created the OZI Life Style and why we’re constantly developing bigger, better, faster innovations. It’s also the reason we put so much energy into developing the business leaders of tomorrow…

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A Lifestyle Worth Impressive

OZI offers a quintessential lifestyle for its employees because here employees are the biggest asset and to provide
them good standards of living is OZI’s first priority.

Casual Meetup with Colleagues at OZI’s

Annual Dinner

Every year OZI organizes a lavish Annual Dinner for the employees where they can chit chat and enjoy lovely cuisines along with funny skits, musical shows & motivational speeches by top management.

Make unforgettable memories at OZI’s

Outdoor Trips

Visit charming valleys of Pakistan with colleagues and make lots of memories through hill trekking, Bar BQs, sight-seeing, photography, videography and much much more…

Experience hygienic meals at


There is no need to go outside for lunch break. Ozians can enjoy hygienic & wide variety of meals by visiting cafeteria at any time within office working hours. All meals are prepared by world class chefs with unparalleled recipes and served by courteous steward.

Leave work pressure aside

Movie Day

At your previous job, you might not have enough time to watch movies or go for outing. But at OZI, you can watch latest movies every month with your team mates in nearest cinema to have unlimited fun and delight.

Refresh your mind with OZI’s

Sports Gala

OZI organizes Sports Gala once a year for its valuable employees. Ozians can participate in games like cricket, table tennis, badminton, football, musical chair along with number of races to win several medals & trophies.

Be fit & healthy at OZI’s


Exercise daily in OZI’s gym that features the latest and ultra-modern workout equipment along with the 24/7 trainer facility.

Focus on spiritual practices at OZI’s

Prayer Hall

As a concerned organization, OZI has dedicated a specific area for offering prayers during working hours. Employees can perform their prayers in complete isolation from the outside world & can offer Namaz with Jamaat as well.

Polish your competitive skills in OZI’s

Indoor games

For healthy growth of the company, it is necessary that employees are introduced with lighter side of the organization. Keeping in mind this, OZI has placed different indoor games in the office so that employees can relax and play as a team in their free time.

Withdraw money easily from OZI’s

ATM facility

To provide Ozians with hassle free life, ATM is installed on the ground floor. Employees can withdraw their salaries easily from the ATM without facing hustle bustle of city traffic.

Work without parking tension at OZI’s

Secure Parking

Ozians can park their cars and bikes in huge parking lots for hours surrounded by high security system and CCTV cameras.

Receive healthy treatment with OZI’s

Medical Facility

OZI is extremely concerned about its employee’s health, it offers in-patient medical insurance for Ozians and their families (as per their grades) so that they can receive healthy treatment at the right time.

Opportunity to meet IT Experts at OZI’s

Tech Flight

OZI Technology Group organizes Tech Flight event to showcase Group’s products & celebrate success journey. As numerous IT experts participate in this event, it gives OZI employees the opportunity & exposure to learn new things in the world of IT.

Experience the lighter side at OZI’s

Theme Day

Keeping employees 24/7 under intense work load can never be the tradition of OZI. At the end of every month, OZI organizes a theme day competition so that employees can enjoy good time with each other while depicting different characters in theme day.

Polish your Skills at OZI’s

Training Session

For staff professional growth, OZI organizes in-house & external training sessions by notable trainers. As OZI considers its employees valuable resource, these training sessions help a lot in increasing their morale, efficiency & capacity to adopt new changes.

Be a part of discussions at OZI’s

Meeting Room

For meetings & presentations, OZI has a spacious conference room in the central place where number of employees can sit & discuss business plans& goals to accomplish.

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