Muhammad Azeem


Mr. Azim is a successful serial Entrepreneur working in OZI Technology Group as a President. He has over twenty years of experience in bringing innovative products with Firmware development in Shenzhen’s high-tech industry. He is man of ideas and mostly referred as a product scientist. Prior to this, he worked with Japanese in the embedded core products and travels the transition from PowerPC chips to Arm’s core processors. He has led many successful ventures and spread the setup in more than 5 countries.

Usman Sheikh


Mr. Usman Sheikh is group chief executive officer and co-founder of OZI Technology Group. He is a visionary entrepreneur with years of experience in the field of Mobile Apps, Mobile Games and e-commerce. Mr. Sheikh is not only empowering people in the fields of IT and Mobile Apps but also adding value to the lives of 100+ million consumers through many products space portfolio by running several companies in the area of Web & Mobile products.

Raheel Iqbal


Mr. Raheel Iqbal is an Entrepreneur working in the capacity of CIO in OZI Technology Group, mainly focusing on Organization’s technology development with respect to the organization’s objectives and vision. With a degree in Computer Sciences, he has worked for 7 years in the services industry to help develop core-banking solutions and mobile payment gateway before expediting on his career as an entrepreneur and accumulating over 12 years of total experience.

Asad Mehmood


A post graduate in Business Studies from LUMS backed with Computer Science degree from FAST Lahore. As part of his management portfolio, Asad Mahmood has actively worked in various industries like Broadband, Healthcare, Retail and Mobile Applications. He has been repeated applauded for his creative product offerings for the carrier and corporate broadband market, for the launch of Al Razi Healthcare as the most advanced clinical lab and diagnostic examination healthcare organization.

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