virtual entertainment in your fitness exercise…

What is Fitainment?

Fitainment is an app that enables you to experience exercise in virtual reality. You can sit on your home ergo-meter or in a gym and cycle virtually on a tropical island.

You can relax by listening to the sounds of the ocean and birds and enjoy the natural scenery, instead of watching white walls at the gym.

The app can be used with most fitness ergo-meters by equipping them with a cadence sensor. This sensor sends the current speed to the smart phone. Then, the speed is transferred into the virtual world.

Within the virtual world, you can cycle against a horse. Then, on the second cycle round, the horse rides at the speed of your previous round. So, you can compete with yourself and get faster and faster with every round.

How can it be used?

The VR Fitness app comes in two modes, 2D mode and 3D mode. In 2D mode, you can put your smart phone in front of the ergometer and watch the beautiful scenery while riding. In 3D mode, you can wear a VR set and be in a virtual environment while riding.


The synchronization of the speed between the bike’s ergometer and your smart phone is done via Bluetooth SMART. To sync, you need to get a cadence sensor and install it on your home ergometer. The sensor transmits your cycle’s speed through Bluetooth SMART to your smart phone and transfers your cycling speed into the virtual world. This allows you to virtually ride through beautiful scenery at the speed you are cycling on your ergometer.


Fitainment is the world’s first consumer ready and affordable virtual reality headset made for today’s ultra life-like for fitness with entertainment.

  3D Screen

Fitainment is completely wire free VR headset, with a front removable cover where any smartphone can be slipped in to act as game console & high Definition Screen.

  Easy adjustment

Fitainment headset can house any kind of smartphone… just adjust your phone in it … before starting make sure you are safely sitting on bicycle.

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